Theresa's work is centered on empowering individuals to nourish themselves in order to achieve a healthier body, an improved quality of life and a neutral relationship with food.

Everyone has his or her own unique set of challenges when it comes to nutrition and daily health behaviors. Working with Theresa, you can expect to learn:

  •    How to establish foundational lifestyle behaviors that help set up a healthy relationship with food
  •    How to change your environment, eating patterns and food choices to meet your long-term goals and establish a neutral relationship with food
  •    How to move away from a diet mentality
  •    How to trust your hunger and fullness
  •    How to challenge the disordered beliefs about food, exercise and weight that are holding you back
  •    How to decrease obsessive food thoughts
  •    How to practice mindful, conscious eating


Personalized Nutrition Services

Weight management Bulimia
Anorexia Osteoporsis
Binge eating Intuitive eating
Sports performance Diabetes
Heart disease Wellness

Workshops on:

Utilizing Food to Optimize Exercise Performance

Learn how to use food to fuel and recover from exercise so that you can perform at your highest level. Topics covered include hydration, examples of what to eat before, during and after training sessions, meal timing, event day nutrition and commercial sports foods. These workshops are appropriate for competitive athletes, sports teams and coaches.

Making Nutrition Count in the Workplace

Nutrition and lifestyle behaviors have the potential to impact health, body weight, concentration, stamina, resiliency, creativity, interpersonal relationships, emotional availability and the ability to handle stress. Learn how the individuals at your organization can maximize their energy and sustain high-level performance.

About Me

Theresa Kinsella is a registered dietitian, speaker and educator. Specializing in weight management, eating disorders, bariatric surgery and sports nutrition, Theresa provides individual nutrition counseling to both adults and adolescents. She has been helping people optimize their health and find a healthy relationship with food for over a decade.

In addition to individual nutrition therapy, Theresa designed and executes the nutrition component of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration leadership development training programs.  She has been working with NASA since 2003.  Previously, Theresa was the Director of Nutrition at both Betances Health Center and Iris House, Inc.

Theresa received her Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the University at Buffalo and her Masters of Science in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She completed her dietetic internship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She is currently pursuing her PhD at New York University, where she has also been an adjunct faculty member.


280 Madison (at E 40th St)
Suite 1004
New York, NY 10016

phone: 646/351-9148

  Theresa is a genius. Her compassion is endless and her objectivity is astounding. She guided me through one of the biggest challenges of my life and taught me tools, skills and mantras to use for a lifetime. 
- Rachel G
  Theresa is amazing. Over the past few months, she has helped me do what I had until recently thought impossible: reject the diet mentality, make peace with my body, and also lose weight! I am so grateful to her. 
- Stefanie C
  With Theresa's help, I fully recovered from my eating disorder and found a peaceful relationship with food. Not only am I no longer consumed by thoughts of food but I am able eat in restaurants and enjoy the meal, something I never thought possible. 
- Amy A
  Theresa is the only dietitian I have seen that "gets it". Before I found her, I had seen quite a few dietitians in New York. Theresa is the only one that really understood my binge eating. Her insight has been crucial to my recovery. 
- Sara R
  I have worked with Theresa for years in several government and business organizations, watching her educate professionals about the link between wellness and leadership competency. She is an exceptional speaker and educator. She takes complex nutrition issues and makes them understandable, practical and easier to act on. She has changed my life and I've watched her change many others! 
- Tim Andrews, Owner, TJA Consulting Inc.
  Theresa knows her stuff and you could tell that she's very enthusiastic about her work. She kept things moving and everyone engaged. 
- Workshop participant
  Where on Earth did you find her? I have never met anyone that knows so much about food. 
- Workshop participant
  Theresa has an enthusiasm about her work that makes her presentation keep your attention. I like how she included real life examples. 
- Workshop participant